Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bare Necessities

Its been about 3 weeks since I've been back here in Honduras,its seems I jumped right in again like the first time. We are recently finished up a house for a missionary family who will be staying here for two years and now are currently working on the girl's new apartment. It feel great to be back working in the property.

the 6 months I have been Gone I have learned a lot about my own identity in Christ and the vision he has laid on my heart. I will working in Givehope2kids to gain experience  for the future plans of what God holds.

In a world of many people speaking to you its hard to seek out God's will for you. ive been learning to please God and not People. Love God , Love People.

A new volunteer came on the property and he brought a shack line which is a 2inch wide line where the objective is to walk across this line. Ive been learning daily that walking with God can relate to this, its takes much concentration to focus on God Guidance, it involves of letting go of the identity you gave yourself and discovering  the Identity you are with God. it invloves on walking on thin line just trusting God to be there when you fall and stumble. being here is helping me discover more each day the greatness of God and the Greatness of his power.

Ive been reading and pondering on the book of Ecclesiastes,

ecclestiates 7 is the chapter i looked at today and it talks about wisdom.

16 do not be over righteous neither be overwise- why destroy yourself ?
17 Do not be over wicked and do not be fool-why die before your time?
18 it is Good to grasp the one and not let go of the other.The man who fears God will avoid all extremes.

just a sample of chapter 7 for you.

thanks for reading, God bless and take care. ill hope to post pictures of my adventures and work soon, internet is been very rare lately.

please continue to keep me in your prayers